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Dear community members, Here we are with another update to keep you abreast of progress and events as they happen within the auctionlance eco system. If there’s something the team behind this project can boast of aside delivering an ultimate project to the blockchain industry, it is our consistency in operations and activities towards the continuous development of this project.

A few days ago, we launched our demo freelance platform, we are very glad and grateful to our entirely supportive community members for taking the time to register and explore the platform. The overwhelming responses we received and traffic witnessed on the demo platform is a clear indication that we are not alone in this pursuit of our dream freelance platform. In the same vein we launched the private sale of AUCT token to our community and we make bold to say it is moving on quite well since launch, and we are optimistic that before the end of the stipulated time, we would have reached our hard cap. So far, over 600 out of 3000 waves have been raised (>20%) and we are full of confidence in the outcome in the end.

In the wake of these events, some questions have ensued across our media platforms and we’d like to use this medium to address them. Few of the questions asked include: • Why is auction sale price so small? • How many percentage (%) bonus for 1 million or more for AUCT token buyers

• What happens to unsold tokens? • When mobile app version?

• Would you add other custom waves token to your platform for payment?

• How secured are buyers from dumpers? The aforementioned questions would be answered sequentially in the next few paragraphs; Why is auction sale so small? Sasha Ivanov, the CEO of waves platform in one of his tweets said “funny thing about decentralization is it won’t prevail until it becomes more cost effective than centralized solutions. And it really can, after all you share the work between more actors, and it is usually cheaper”. The essence of this token sale is not so our community members would have to break the bank before they could partake and be a shareholder, it is so we’d have AUCT token in as many hands as possible at a very cheap price at the time, bearing in mind the potential of this token, we hope and believe that our decision at this time would put unending smiles on the faces of our many investors in the nearest future.

How many % bonus for 1 million or more AUCT token buyers? Before we were faced with this question, the team have thought it while to create a reward/incentive program to our esteemed investors and believers in our quest. And thus we have a structured bonus for investors who purchase a minimum of 1 million AUCT token during this private sale period as follows: 1 milliion AUCT (2% bonus) 2 million AUCT (3% bonus) 3 million AUCT (5% bonus) 5 million AUCT ore more (10% bonus) What happens to unsold tokens? It would be fair to recollect that we clearly have percentage token allocation on our website, tokens allocated for airdrop and bounty have since been distributed to the community, and there are certain percentages to be kept for the team and for project development.

However, unsold tokens after the private sales would be sent back to the pool and added to that for funding the project for further development.

When mobile App version? Auctionlance freelance mobile App would be launched come Q2 of 2019, this is of course stated on our roadmap. Would you add other custom waves token to your platform for payment? Yes! We are currently making plans to incorporate payment gateway that pays in waves, AUCT token and waves custom tokens on our platform. How secured are buyers from dumpers? Thanks to the strategic planning of the management of this project, no significant amount of token was airdropped to the community members with a fraction of potential ‘dumpers’. Thus, if dumpers decide to throw caution in the wind and throwaway the priceless gift they’ve been given, it would not have a significant impact in the market price of this token. Hence, we make bold to say investors are ‘safe’ from dumpers. In conclusion, we wish to bring to your notice that we have commenced upgrade on our website and demo platform, we’d have updates for you in a short while. Stay tuned as events unfold.

Thank you for your unyielding support #we win

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