New Developments: Auctionlance Platform

Hello everyone, it’s really a pleasure to have you all with us, the level of support we have received so far is an indication that Auctionlance have the best supportive community members in the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Last week we launched our ambassadors’ program as slated on our road map, and throughout this week we’ve received tons of ‘buzzes’ on our media platforms; an outstanding support from the AUCT community. In the past few days, multitude from all spheres of life have registered for the ambassadorship program, this is a convincing proof that we are receiving the needed massive support from our community; we acknowledge you all and from the stable of AUCT administrative team, we say thank you for your support!

We received hundreds of submissions for the ambassadorship role, which is why the process of selection would be a bit tedious and take a little more time than anticipated. Our registered ‘prospective’ ambassadors have been assigned ‘tasks’ in their respective realm of freelance skills; some have sent report of their completed tasks while vast majority seem to be working on it.

The completion of these tasks is of course a prerequisite to make the final selection as representative of AUCT in your various countries and geo-political zones, needless to say that the aspiring ambassadors have to put in their possible best as the criteria for this selection is based on a proof-of-work algorithm and quality assurance; in particular the ability of an ambassador to represent the interest of Auctionlance in his/her immediate community and vice versa.

However, in response to members inquiring about whether the AUCT token is trading yet or not, please be informed that AUCT token as a waves-based token is tradable on the waves DEX; while we continue to work and progress at our steady pace, we implore you all to hold steadfast your AUCT token and enjoy the ride with us as we would be bringing you mouth-watering updates in the next couple of days.
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