Auct Token Auction Sale Now Open

“Auctionlance is a decentralized market place where freelancers get hired and paid smartly with our ‘smart’ system, we are the present and future realization of a ‘decentralized work force/labour force’ where individuals have the avenue to put their skills set to use and earn in a decentralized economy.

After the launch of our project, we deviated from our initially – planned ICO model and adopted the non-ICO approach; reasons to this were highlighted in one of our articles, the most important buttressing the fact that our project is a community-based project which aims at providing the necessary toolkit needed for our skilled community members and other freelancers out there to make decent earnings leveraging on Auctionlance and the blockchain technology”.

This excerpt from one of our previously published articles is to remind our entire community of where we started from and to inform you of where we are headed.
Even though we did not conduct any ICO, it is so pleasing to us to see how much we have achieved in building the world’s first freelance ecosystem to be on the waves blockchain. As interesting as our achievements are, the team behind this project won’t stop firing on all cylinders to realize the goals of the ideal that births this project.
In this regard, we are nearing a ground breaking landmark; “The launch of Auctionlance platform”. Once our platform is launched, the wider adoption and application of the Auct protocol would become vast so is the use case of the Auct token which is the fuel that powers the platform become a reality.
We hereby want to use this avenue to beckon on members of our community who aspire to be part of and are willing to respond to this social call to revolutionize the world’s freelancing eco system that our project is now open to private investors ahead of our platform launch.

Interested investors should please visit to find out more of about our project or send us a mail at Alternatively, you can contact us on telegram (@aucttoken) to express your interest in our private investment opportunity.

Disclaimer; Please be informed that no member of the Auct administration/management team on or outside telegram would PM or mail you to request for any form of payment towards this announced private investment. Anyone found doing this is an imposter and a perpetrator of evil who should be reported for immediate sanction.
We say a very big thank you to our ever supportive community for your continuous support as we journey through the realization of our goals. Together, we continue to #win.

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